Join us for MOOBOO! 

MooBoo logoOn Thurs, Oct 30, we’re hosting our first-ever MOOBOO Halloween party in collaboration with the Florida Dairy Farmers. The event will feature Halloween fun with a dairy-filled twist, including a live DJ, milk and cookie bar, games for the kids and a spooky photo station. RSVP today!

Who’s hungry in Tampa Bay?

Hunger-In-America-logoAccording to the new Hunger in America 2014 study, you would be surprised to learn the characteristics of the 700,000 hungry people in the community served yearly by Feeding America Tampa Bay. Read the full study here.

“700,000 people in west central Florida struggle with hunger. 250,000 of those people are children.”

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Feeding America Tampa Bay

4702 Transport Drive, Building 6,

Tampa, FL 33605

T: 813-254-1190

F: 813-258-5802

©2009-2013, Feeding America Tampa Bay

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